Help with contacts -- new android user

Hi all. Just got my first Android phone the other day -- a Virgin Mobile LG Optimus Slider -- but am already feeling quite technologically challenged. :eek:

I'd like to start adding contacts to my phone.. I managed to find the Menu key, and + Add New Contact, but when I typed in the first name and hit enter, it stored it immediately (I'd not yet entered any other info), and now I cannot edit it. I've tried to tap & hold the contact, but it just brings up this long horizontal bar that looks like it has some sort of sliding tab, but it doesn't move, adjust.. nothing.

I also cannot understand why when I go to New Contact, it says at the top of the screen, "Google contact from" (the gmail account I had to register for the phone). Does this mean it's sending the contact somewhere? I just want to enter simple phone contacts!

Any help will be greatly appreciated! I'm really feeling like the "old dog" right about now.. :eek:


Fixing stuff is not easy
The enter key on keyboards sometimes does the same thing as pressing "done" on menus. When done entering a name, push your back key, then move to the next field.

Some phones/launchers (a launcher is a user interface) do not allow editing of contacts. So you may have to delete the contact and make a new one.

As for the Google contact thing. It's a feature of Google accounts to back up all your contacts to the email address. The contacts are being stored on a server. No emails are being sent and Google does not share these contacts with anyone. But it's handy if you put all your contacts into your Google account. Let's say you factory reset your phone, or get a new Android device. Once you log into your Google account, all your contacts are there without having to transfer them from older devices. Carriers sometimes charge you for the exact same service. You can even modify the contacts online by logging into your Gmail account (when you registered your phone, it gave you a gmail account) and checking contacts.