Help with doubletwist


so i have it installed on my phone and computer but it won't open on my computer. i have a macbook and when i click it it animates but does not show up on screen. the only way i'm using it on my phone is because i drag and dropped music in the music folder on my phone. i'd rather it sync automatically.

how can i open it? i have tried uninstalling it.

thx in advance.


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Is the phone set to Mass Storage mode? Open up the App on the computer and the phone before you plug it into the computer. It should pop up in the side just like they do in iTunes and then you sync it. I am not sure if there is any issues with doing this on a Mac or not as I use windows unfortunately lol hahaha


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Yeah its set on mass storage but I can't even open doubletwist on my computer. Its worth mentioning that I'm running os10.5