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Help with gaining Root access on my Grand Prime? Hacker has control!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by AngieS4672, Mar 21, 2019.

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    I have been dealing with a very bad ongoing case of hacking since Nov 2017! Atm I am stumped as to what to do with my Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime in being able to successfully gain Root Access! When I try using TWRP and Root Explorer comes back rejecting it saying No superSU and No binary file? Yet I have been able to flash the device using Odin but I believe that this hacker has applied Certificate Open Source SSL in the phone as well SD Maid app says SuperSU user used Chainfire and will not grant permission to gain access to the app or file? If anyone has any suggestions on this as to what can do otherwise I am leaning towards just trash the phone and buy a new one as on sale atm for $180 out right unlocked. If I do buy new one is it best to buy brand new SIM chip as well with different phone number and connect strictly with my mobile internet provider etc. This hacker very wizard smart and I believe that he or she accessing my home wifi internet network and then accessing every device on it as well! I have talked with ISP about this issue several times and changed out even Router modem three times with them as well of course changed out SSID login and passwords too and still gains access? Considering getting ISP out to run a completely brand new cable line right from the pole right into my second floor duplex unit I am living in atm. I suspect to my known ledge that this hacker could very well be a neighbor that lives relatively very close proximate to me tapping in on my network services! This is only my suspicion and nothing more or less of it ok until confirmation been given to me by the authorities that I intend to be visiting to in the next couple of days! It took a year and half to successfully gain some actual concrete paper proof and saved pics and snap shots of both android devices of apps that should not be in one persons phone at all unless it is a shared device or have paired with someone before which I have never done nor I will after all this that has happened to me! For me, social media sheds a whole new different picture in my eyes and how it has played in my life since this all started back in Nov 2017. I appreciate all and everyones help and suggestions on this very insane serious hacking issue I have been having and with any luck maybe you all will get to see me on the next Dr.Phil show as my daughter wrote in to the show about my situation and now in process and stages of possibly airing on the show! Never a tech swave person at all one bit but in the past year and half with all the google research and talking to techs and people in this industry etc this has been very exhausting indeed and has compromised my life as well my 13yr old sons life too! I just want my son and I to have our personal privacy back and for this hacker to leave my family and I alone! Thanks for taking the time to review my post and plea for help on this matter. Victim of ongoing hacking case A.S.

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    First thing I'd like to point out is that a rooted phone is much less secure than a stock phone. If someone does have access to your phone, then rooting it may give them even more access to your personal information. You don't really want that.

    Most of the time when people think their phones are hacked, what really has happened is that your Google account password has been cracked and someone can push things to your devices from there. What you need to do is first secure your Google account before you do anything else.

    Start by going to you Google Account and review your security settings. Look for unknown contact information under verification methods. Remove them if you don't recognize them. Then review your recent Google account activity, again looking for things you don't recognize.

    Now enable 2-step verification so that ANY time anyone -- including you -- tries to log into your Google account, they'll need to enter a code and only you decide on the delivery method. Finally, change your password and make it something relatively complex.

    Once you have done all that, I would recommend flashing your phone again. You do NOT need root to flash firmware as long as it's stock for that phone. And, when you reflash the phone and set it up, do NOT restore data and settings in case there was some spyware app that was previously installed.

    Finally, change your passwords on social media sites as well making sure NOT to use the same password for each one. And, if your personal information/privacy has been compromised, definitely contact the authorities.
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