May 25, 2011
Help !!! I've got a rooted (although only via console ?) Desire. i was cleaning out some bloatware and apps I don't use, and accidentally deleted the gallery application. Now I can't seem to get ti back. I've got the Gallery.apk file, but it won't let me install it. Can anyone help please...

You need to open an existing flashable app zip file with winrar (not extract) or similar. Then add the apk into /system/app

You can download a flashable app zip from then download link in my signature. Then add your .apk and remove the original thats in the zip.

In winrar you are asked for compression level. it MUST be set as "Store"
You need to flash it via recovery. Assume you have clockworkmod recovery?

What rooting method did you use?

I used unrEVOked.

I tried copying the zip file onto the SD card and applying it from recovery mode, but it just comes up with can't open (bad)...