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Aug 5, 2010
hey guys sorry i didnt have the time to look through all the forums to see if there is a fix to this already... I updated to .595 via TBH 2 weeks ago the rooted version and my camera stopped working... SO I then decided to try out the nonrooted .595 from TBH to see if the camera would work again and it didnt.

So i went to verizon they sent me a new phone (refurb), and i got it to .595 to see if it was a software problem and it turns out it is, because as soon as i got the other phone to .595 the camera wouldnt work. Is there a fix out there for it? should i just wait for the new GB build coming out this weekend?

Once again thanks for all the help you guys give to noobs like me who think they know what they are doing and get caught with their pants on the ground all the time!
stock ota gb is coming friday. I'd flash back to froyo and d/l the ota. just mu .02.
hmm i don't think i've heard of anyone having a camera that wouldn't work at all on .595 but if it makes you feel better just do what the Mod...i mean Steven suggested. :)
yeah it is weird both phonse with the same issue... so i sbf'd back to 2.2.340 on the refurb which is in better conidition then my original and i guess ill DEAL with froyo for a couple days even though i was loving netflix and the beautiful UI moto build for GB!

thanks for all the help dudes
It has to be something in the way you flashed the files or a bad download. I would do MD5 checks on the files. I haven't had that problem at all. But a quick MD5 check and reflash wouldn't hurt... I wouldn't take the OTA till we know more about it (i.e. can we root it, do we have an SBF path)