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Help with Hard Bricked CRAIG CMP756

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Sands207, Sep 21, 2014.

  1. Sands207

    Sands207 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Hi, a friend of mine asked me to fix his tablet because it was constantly resetting itself on every reboot. So i downloaded the 4.2 firmware from icraigs website. This tablet came stock with ICS I believe, and 4.2 and 4.4 firmware versions were both listed on their website so I downloaded them both. I flashed the 4.2 firmware and followed the directions given and everything went fine during the process. I'm not new to flashing ROM's via cwm and updates using stock recoveries and nothing seemed out of place until i booted it up and it began the Android UI setup and the screen would not respond correctly to touch. You touch one icon and it would open a different app. Anyway, long story short i went back into the recovery and attempted to flash the 4.4 version provided by craig. The flash completed and i was greeted by the green android screen for Kitkat setup and then the battery died before i could do anything. I tried literally every single key combo suggested by craig and others in the forum and no joy. The screen won't turn on at all and the only indications that there is power going to it was if it is it is plugged into my win 7 PC it recognized the chip which was an M series chip, M6 i think. I took the tablet apart and tried to unbrick it by putting a paper clip between the connections on the rom chip and that was how i got the chip recognized and then i hit a wall. I don't know what else to do but i know its running power... Is there anyway to unbrick this cmp756 at this point?? I really need help on this and i have googled endlessly on this one. Help. PLEASE. :(

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  2. FrostWolf

    FrostWolf Lurker

    Hey man I'm in the same situation, but i think that the rom in craig's website it's for the CMP756 with 800x480 screen and the Tablet that we have its a cmp756 HD with 1024x600 screen that's why we have a problem with the touch screen. I can get another cmp756 HD but I dont know how to copy the original firmware of the working Tablet to the bricked one. Do you think you can help? If so I can upload the good firmware so you can use it too
  3. Stinky_Pete

    Stinky_Pete Lurker

  4. Sands207

    Sands207 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I wish i had known this 2 months ago before i shattered the screen. Oops :/ i appreciate the reply though :)

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