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Help with HTC's Weather application...Please

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by NpgGirl, May 17, 2010.

  1. NpgGirl

    NpgGirl Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hi all. I am new to the HTC Incredible phone and I LOVE IT! :)
    I am however having a slight problem that I cannot seem to figure out myself. The question/s is about the actual HTC weather app that comes on the phone that shows the time/date/weather conditions as soon as you turn the phone on or wake it from sleeping.
    First off, when I wake my phone it shows the current time correctly, but the weather is never up-to-date! I can sit at home at 10 pm at night and my the weather still shows as mostly sunny daytime UNLESS I go into the weather part of that app and manually refresh it!!! It also changes cities a lot. I can be at home and it shows another city at times, and other times it shows my correct city...
    Does anyone know how to make this app work correctly because it is honestly one of my favorite apps that came on the phone. I really think it is neat to turn on the phone or wake it and see the clouds rolling over the screen or the rain and lightning, so I would really like for it to be accurate.
    Anyone know what I can do?

    Thanks so much in advance!! :)

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  2. jamor

    jamor Android Expert

    Hi Sweetheart,

    I had this problem too. Unfortunately, it just isn't a good program at all.

    And yes I had 3g, auto-sync, and weather update enabled.

    A few other users have had this problem.

    The one thing I can tell you is to buy Beautiful Widgets or Weatherbug Elite from the market. These ones are fantastic and give perfect forecasts.. they also don't tell you that it is sunny and 65 at 10 pm like the stock HTC did to you and me.

    It's only like 1.75 or 2 bucks I think it's worth getting since HTC weather widget is utterly useless.
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  3. tap on the weather portion of the widget (below the clock).

    When the 4 day forecast appears tap your menu button at the bottom of the phone...go to settings..."Update Frequency" is what you need to change to make it update more often. Also make sure "Update Automatically" IS checked.

    I would not recommend less than an hour for update frequency however, because the more often you have widgets and apps update and sync data, the more battery power it will consume.

    As far as the auto updating city, this app finds your location and updates the cities automatically depending on where it thinks you are. I have not been able to input any cities manually because when I try searching by zip or city name it never finds any.

    I tried buying beautiful widgets, but was unsuccessful because I only have a debit card, not a credit card and my bank will not authorize foreign transactions due to alot of fraud.... they said I need to use a credit for transactions like these.
  4. Dustypip

    Dustypip Lurker

    I found out that the stock HTC weather widget goes by the location of the tower your bouncing off of. So sometimes it will get the right city name etc then when my cell hits a different tower it will switch to that weather instead. I also found that it picks up counties' township names instead of the actual area which can be very confusing.
  5. NpgGirl

    NpgGirl Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Wow...so It is an issue with you too eh???
    Thanks for the heads up!! I appreciate the answer! :)
  6. NpgGirl

    NpgGirl Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Thank you all so much for the answers!! What a huge help!!
  7. jamor

    jamor Android Expert

    Yea! I thought it was just me too but I found a few other posters who had the same problem. I decided to get different widgets and have been happy ever since.

    With beautiful widgets or weatherbug you can also only use one row which means you have another row saved for 4 more apps on the home screen :eek:

    Anyways your welcome glad your lovin the phone like me.
  8. sean76

    sean76 Android Expert

    It's a common problem....just never up to date
  9. GrandMasterB

    GrandMasterB Go Go Gadget Flow!

    Mine always has my location right and I have it refreshing every hour but it will be pitch black outside 10 o clock at night and the widget still says its sunny. SO what do I do? Manually refresh and it still says its sunny! Widget sure looks cool though :)
  10. b1gg134

    b1gg134 Well-Known Member

    The stock HTC widget pisses me off with the location errors and weather being wrong but the beuatiful widget is far from beautiful ... IMO

    The stock one looks a lot nicer. so i keep it.

    Yes I did download some of the other styles for beautiful widget i just couldnt find one I liked.
  11. gnopgip

    gnopgip Newbie

    What do you do if the "Update Automatically" box does not stay checked? As soon as I check it and go back to look, the box is unchecked again. Therefore my weather never updates.
  12. irishpride

    irishpride Android Enthusiast

    For all those having problems with your weather not updating, go into settings-->wireless & networks-->mobile networks and make sure that "Enable always-on mobile data" is checked. I had the same issue, but now it's running great, by far the best weather app available, puts beautiful widgets to shame.
  13. cdwentland

    cdwentland Newbie

    Does the same thing to me.. will not stay checked.

    Mine is set to always-on and makes no difference with the weather updating. Going to get the Beautiful Widgets app.
  14. jamor

    jamor Android Expert

    Had that checked. There is another thread on this.

    Many with auto-sync and mobile data enabled still endure this problem.

    It's a broken program for some and not for others. Don't know why.
  15. wooten

    wooten Newbie

    this will fix the disappearing check mark problem:
    from home screen menu>settings>accounts & sync> check auto-sync, now roll down and tap weather make sure sync is checked, you can also set frequency by tapping account settings
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  16. wooten

    wooten Newbie

    my widget would say the wrong city all the time, its because you have to change location settings. if you dont set it to gps then it will determine your location using wifi or your mobile network. ths is what i did to fix that problem: from home press menu>settings>location UNCHECK use wireless networks and CHECK Use GPS satellites. I suppose if they are both checked it will use wireless networks if gps is unavailable
  17. gnopgip

    gnopgip Newbie

    Wooten is the man. That not only fixed the weather app, but it also fixed that strange glitch where my exchange was not getting synced either. I knew something didn't feel right!

    I don't know how it got turned off in the first place. That is not a setting I would normally mess with.
  18. drhill

    drhill Android Expert

    Well then you are in luck. The most frequent time allowed is one hour. ;)

    I imagine even every 20-30 minutes wouldn't be noticed by your battery either, we just don't have that option. It isn't like they are pulling much data and they can do gps by network (agps) instead of full blow gps.

    Also, leave GPS checked on. It isn't "on" all the time per say, but if an app needs it you get a fix faster and it turns "off" when the app is done.
  19. wayrad

    wayrad Android Expert

    If I'm reading my user manual correctly, the full page stock weather app is supposed to open a web page with more info if I tap the "Weather" bar at the bottom. Does this work for anyone?

    (And thanks for the solution to that box not staying checked, I've been wondering about it for days!)
  20. drhill

    drhill Android Expert

    It works if you click on it when you are looking at an entered city. Not for the "current" city.
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  21. wayrad

    wayrad Android Expert

    Aha! Makes sense...thanks very much!
  22. veccster

    veccster Android Enthusiast

    Something this awesome about Beautiful Widgets...

    You can set it up so when you tap different parts of the widget, it brings up different tools. I have it set that if you tap the clock, it brings up the calculator. If you tap the date, it brings up the calendar. If you tap the weather, it brings up the 3 day forecast (HTC weather widget). BUT if you tap the 3 day forecast, it brings up the Weather Channel app - which is very accurate. In just 4 quick taps, I have my local radar.

    I liked Beautiful Home so much, I purchased it twice (2nd time was after a full reset).
  23. jamor

    jamor Android Expert

    You don't back up your apps? Seems like a waste of money!
  24. veccster

    veccster Android Enthusiast

    How do you back up apps?

    And I also don't pay for apps (outside of BW). It was worth the additional $2.

    Verizon told me there was no way to do it. I should've known better...

    Regardless, I wanted to start over fresh.
  25. MooN

    MooN Well-Known Member

    I've tried a hard reset and my paid apps were available for download on the market. I didn't have to pay again. Hmm...

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