Help with Kindle Fire HD 8.9


Let me explain the situation. A friend at work asked that I factory reset her Kindle, she bought it off someone on craigslist. I took it home to see if I could do it, it had CyanogenMod installed on it, along with TWRP. Now I downloaded the original factory OS from Amazon, and moved it to the download folder on the Kindle, but being myself I accidentally wiped everything off the Kindle via the TWRP boot screen. Now there is no OS on it, and my pc cannot access the internal files to put the OS back on to flash it, any ideas? Its basically bricked at this point, Boots only to the blue Kindle Fire logo.

James L

Android Expert
when it says waiting for device unplug it then reconnect it. Just trying a few things to figure out your easiest option.

If sideload works in the Twrp you're using why not sideload a bootable rom then do whatever you want from there?