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Help with Market/Root - unroot

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by hotur, Oct 24, 2010.

  1. hotur

    hotur Newbie
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    Well I heard that android 2.2 was available with froydvillian ect, so i decided to update to that, i followed the steps of installing villainrom first which was successful.

    I then went onto installing froydvillain 1.5 the same way but was unsuccessful on many times (just got stuck on the hero screen).

    I then decided that I'd just stick with the orange firmware so used the update on the PC get android 1.5 on.

    I then was going to update the 2.1 but could get the usb to work, and it wouldn't mount to the pc. I then downloaded the update through mobile web and it installed.

    Now my problems are that i cant download from android market.. "Download unsuccessful", aswell as not bieng able to sign into facebook ect.. I am signed into google. I have factory rest the phone to no luck, and cannot reinstall the firmware from the pc as im getting the usb error.

    Help please?

    New error, my phone says its got 50% bettery, the update on the pc says its got less than 30%.

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