Help with music players on Galaxy S3


Hi All,

Sorry if this isn't in the correct topic area, but I have been having a few problems with ripping CD's and playing them in any music player.
I have the Samsung Galaxy S3 and have tried using the Samsung music player and Poweramp reading from my SD card.

The problem only exists with music I have ripped from CD's. Any music I have downloaded (from blogs, don't worry, all legal old out of print punk bands) has worked with no problems in the Samsung player and Poweramp, but the music ripped from CD's either skips tracks or plays a little then skips.

I have tried ripping them from Windows Media Player and itunes in mp3 format, also converting the format in another program but still no luck with music from CD's.

What is the difference between the music I have downloaded and from the CD's?
Is there something which is causing this?:thinking:
I have a lot of CD's to rip!:D