Help Help with my pendo pad pls...

Hi everyone! I'm new here and also a newbie on the pendo pad. I just got a pendo pad for my kids... And I'm just wondering how do u get apps from the android market? I'm only using getjar to get apps and you don't get much choices there... Pls help! I tried to go online and went to google play but it says i have to go to a white shopping bag icon on my tablet first but I can't see it... Or I don't have one.., thank you in advance


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your stuck with Getjar (as Android Market replacement, The makers felt it was better to go with Getjar.:stupid:)

U using the PendoPad PP4MT-7 or PendoPad PP4MT-9?
I personaly dont like getjar its has a download problem in it.

There is a way to get google play (android Market) on these tablets but its a advanced procedure using a pc and usb cable to put files on the pendo modifying it(that void's warranty)that deter newbies from doing it.

If yer not worried of Voiding your Warranty the stuff below can take a look at
There is a risk losing all data on the tablet(thank goodness to Stylez for giving us a stock/modded images if the tablet bricks.)

1st maybe if some one makes a easier way to google play a automated way to install it on the pendo 4.0 it'll be spread out to everyone with ease.
(same way most tablets update from sdcard when using the recovery to flash)

People with Root and googleplay Experiance to the Pendo 4.0 can refer to
(its a very jumbled thread so read very carefully)