Help Help with pdanet and want new phone

I am impressed with the amount of info on this site.
I have a Samsung note 3 and stayed with version 4.3 using Sprint. and my pc is the surface pro 3.
I am using pdanet and no problem. 6 months out of the year I am in an area without wifi and I depend on pdanet.
I just purchased the Microsoft universal folding keyboard.. I like it...but it will not work with version 4.3. It will only work on 4.4 or higher and I will not keep the keyboard if I lose pdanet.
I have not purchased a new phone because of this. I do not know what options I might have. I cannot mirror my phone to my pc ( that would be like having pdanet)
Perhaps a windows phone running version 10 might mirror to my pc...if not then when the new surface phone comes out I have a feeling it would since it should be a pocket pc ( however windows is not for this site I guess)
I do like the Samsung Note ( I do not mind a different model) The important thing for me is having wifi from pdanet.
Thank you for taking the time to read my long winded plea for help.


I must be able to use pdanet.
i have been running version 4.3 on my note 3. (Using Sprint)I have not upgraded my version because version 4.4 broke pdanet. Will the newer upgraded version of android on my note 3 allow me to continue to use pdanet?
Also.. will newer phones run pdanet? (I use sprint)