Help Help with recovery of lost files & rooting?




Unfortunately my phone was recently returned to factory settings without backing up the data. I am attempting to recover the pictures that where on the phone during the reset.
Im using an old HTC wildfire s on Android. 2.3.5 software 2.26.771.2
I have tried recovering the data my self using numerous recovery programs. I either the device is not recognised, cannot find the older files, or retrieves (what I presume to be the files in a .TGA format which are in fact blank.
Upon querying this I was told rooting the phone would help. I have tried this but when using HTC Super Tool v2 & Kingo Root I received error messages telling me the ROM was outdated or the software was outdated and they couldnt root.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!! otherwise i'll give up and send it to some company.

Many thanks,