Root Help with root please

Hello guys I did all the steps to root but my Galaxy Reverb won't root . The error message i get is "Can't get a handle on it:- 1 permission denied" . Can anyone tell me how to fix this ?

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Thanks, jmpiv4!

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I've moved your post to the Galaxy Reverb all-things-root area for you.

The good folks in here should be able to give you some help for your device.




hey guys I'm wondering how to root my galaxy reverb. it's running 4.1.2 jellybean and I've tried ministro 2 and poot and that doesn't work please someone help


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Ministro and Poot do not work for JB, only for ICS.

If your phone came already loaded with JB it is likely not yet rootable (but we are working on it). If it came with ICS and updated to JB it is rootable.