Help with S2 on 3 UK


My S2 is not rooted and is locked to 3 UK, it also is still running gingerbread. I would like to give it to my other half to be used on Vodafone UK. Firstly should I get my carrier to unlock it? Also as her current Htc is on ICS, I would like to update to jellybean. Any and all advice welcome as I am not up to date with this and my brain is still running on symbian and I last wrote a program using a BBC micro on "Basic","Pascal" and "Cobol"! Danke.


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Hello again RossK13! :)

Just been speaking to your identical twin on the S4 General Forum.

1. Unlock your SGS2 from Three UK, first. If you are at the end of your contract they may not even charge you. See video, here:-

How to unlock your phone from the Three network - YouTube

2. Next, you will need to flash a stock Samsung firmware, un-carrier branded, via Odin. Don't worry babout the CSC codes not matching as there is unlikely to be any further SGS2 updates and your warranty has expired after 2 years. For details on flashing via Odin, see the link and step=by-step video in #1.7 of the Jelly Bean update - Dummies Guide

As mentioned earlier, I suggest the non carrier branded firmware, the latest is MS1, that can be downloaded here:-