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Help with Samsung GT-i5700 which doesn't want to work :-(

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Caroline_83, Feb 14, 2011.

  1. Caroline_83

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    Sorry if I'm in the wrong area of the forum. Feel free to signpost me on if I am...

    I signed up to see if anybody here could shine some light on my Samsung situation. My phone has always been a bit laggy (I'm using Android 2.1) but it's never really bothered me. Today, however, it was working fine until about 4 hours ago when it literally just decided not to let me select anything using the touch screen. I know the screen still works because it is allowing me to unlock the phone. Once or twice a message has popped up saying "***** process not responding" and it won't even let me select 'force close' or 'wait'. I'm sorry I can't remember what the full message said... :-(

    I've turned the phone off and back on again in true technophobe style to no avail. Now it has been occassionally allowing me to unlock the phone and select 'messages' but that's it. I can navigate the phone using the manual buttons but i can't use the android keyboard so really my phone is now no good for texting or anything else which might require inputting text. I've had it for about 8 months.

    Any suggestions on what may be wrong, or any ideas that might help remedy the problem would be greatly appreciated.



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  2. j0k3r69

    j0k3r69 Lurker

    I have the exact same problem!

    Please, someone help!
  3. Martimus

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  4. XplosiV

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    Have you tried taking the back off the phone and removing the battery? while your at that stage with the battery removed, press your power button for 5-10 secs. Then re-assemble your phone.

    If that dont help, you could always use odin to flash your phone back with an original firmware, you can search the forums for a way to back up the most important of your data.

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