Help help with sd card issue

I have a LG D500 android phone, i noticed that i do not get an option to download to my sd card.

Is there a patch i can add that does allow downloading to my sd card?

If not where would games i move to my sd card for internal memory go, so maby i can put a game from my computer on the sd card on the computer.
Any advice?


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well you can always root it and use apps2sd to move stuff over that way if that's at all an option for you.

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Not sure how to do that and the real issue is how to put files to big to.load into internal memory onto the sd card.
I only have about 200mb of room left on internal storage and i would get issues saying i dont have room if i go below 150mb.


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The external (SD) card is generally used to store your personal data; music, documents, videos, etc. Depending on the device and android version, there may be the ability to move some apps to the SD card. Even then, not all of the app will be moved, as some data will remain on the device.
Unless you root your phone, the best way to free up your internal storage is to delete any unused apps (you can always add them back, later, if the need arises); move any of your data photos, docs, vids, etc to the SD card, using a file explorer, and clear the system and app cache.


What you might find is, especially with games, is that you may move 20MB to the SD, but the other 2GB or so of additional game data is still in internal. And there's not a lot you can do, because the game devs expect you to be using something decent, and not cheapo, i.e. the device has adequate internal storage.


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Other than rooting your device, which I can understand some choose not to do as it can be daunting and scary for some of us, try moving it one of three ways. First, go Settings then Apps and find your individual apps and see if they'll give you the selection to move to Phone or SD Card. Some will allow you to move them but others won't. Second, use a file manager like ES File Explorer. Some file managers might allow you to move an app or music files from the internal to external memory depending upon the version of Android you're running. I'm running Kit Kat which has some limitations about moving stuff to the SD card. But I'm also using ES File Explorer and have never had it refuse to move anything (I manually move my music files as Amazon downloads them to the internal memory). Third, use a device manager through your PC. Just as users of IPhones and IPods can use ITunes to manage their devices through their Mac or PC; if you hunt around for them you can find managers for Android and install such manager on your PC. I was using a manager called Snappea until after an update it started installing PUPs, but there's also MobileGo which I'm using now. Either will allow you to look at internal or external memory and transfer apps from one to the other again not all but in most cases.