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Help with text messages

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Potatochip, Dec 20, 2009.

  1. Potatochip

    Potatochip Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hey, so loving the magic so far, but i keep having one recurring problem, sometimes when i am typing a text message and i hit the space bar my cursor goes up out of the text writing area and into the previous sent messages area. Sometimes it does it after every word and sometimes it doesnt and its driving me crazy, anyone else have this issue before? Hopefully someone can help.



    I have some other questions as well, and dont want to start a new post for them so hopefully people can help me out, 1 is i keep seeing these square barcode things online when looking for htc magic stuff and am wondering if anyone can tell me what they are for, and my bigger question is rooting the htc magic by rogers. I am very interested in the sense ui look and dont know if rogers is going to come out with an update for it and have been looking around for how to do it but i find things like people saying it wont work and others bricking their phone which i dont want to do, so is there a proper link for it so i dont kill my phone and is there a proper channel to go through to get the update (i see terms like kde and gde).


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  2. Potatochip

    Potatochip Newbie
    Thread Starter

  3. Knutfreddy

    Knutfreddy Newbie

    Well, they are QR codes, you scan them with i.e. Barcode Scanner and you get links and stuff like that.
  4. pelekys

    pelekys Lurker

    I have this exact same problem. And when I took it to the service centre they couldnt fix it cos they couldnt replicate the error (it only happens sometimes for no reason).

    Btw it's not only spacebar which makes the cursor go to the previous sent msg area but also backspace.

    Also this doesnt only happen when it is the previous sent msg above but when I am composing a fresh msg. It goes from the 'compose bar' to the 'to' bar when you press spacebar or backspace.

    incredibly annoying bug

    help anyone?
  5. Knutfreddy

    Knutfreddy Newbie

    maybe when you press space you accidently press Back? IDK, just a hunch.
  6. Potatochip

    Potatochip Newbie
    Thread Starter

    thats what i thought as well but then when it happens i make sure im pressing the buttons very carefully and it still does it, its maddening but with the update soon i am hoping that it is fixed!

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