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Help with toshiba thrive sd card mounting

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by bjf189, Nov 11, 2014.

  1. bjf189

    bjf189 Guest
    Thread Starter

    hello i am in need of help. i have wiped my tablet using twrp and before i had on it CM 10.1 which i didnt see but i guess one of the bugs was it couldnt mount external memory. i already wiped the system so i cant boot into system. i have the files to put cm 10 back with working external memory. my problem is beings that i cant mount the external, i cant get the cm 10 on my internal memory to be flashed. so im stumped on what to do next. i see twrp has a thing called adb sideload, im not sure what that is but i installed the thrive driver and tried adb in cmd but it said device not found. is there a way to get the files put on the internal memory? the twrp also has a terminal emulator in it also. im just not sure how to get this fixed. please help!

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  2. bjf18

    bjf18 Newbie

    i have gotten my sdcard to mount somehow when i put in my flash drive but it stopped again. so i have no idea how i did it. need help!
  3. bjf18

    bjf18 Newbie

    never mind. i flashed clockworkmod and partitioned my sdcard and it remounted just fine. i flashed a new rom successfully and now its working fine.
    thanks anyways

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