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help with Triumph rooted

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by crepers86, Dec 29, 2011.

  1. crepers86

    crepers86 Member
    Thread Starter

    hi, I am new to the forums as far as like actually posting anything. I have been trying for almost a year to root my LG Optimus V and install a custom ROM... I had the Triumph done in a mater of like 30 minutes. I love the way I got my phone set up. I am still learning and researching what all I can do.

    How ever I was wondering if you guys can give me some pointers on somethings. first off let me start with this (I am frequent to herpcenter.com which is dedicated to the keeping of herps. Reptiles amphbians, and invertabret. so when ever we ask for car or an issue with animal its always asked for husbandry set up)

    my phone is running CyanogenMod-7.1.0-TG-0.3-beta-Triumph with CWM-based Recovery v5.0.2.6

    I have a 32gig MicroSDHC in my phone, with only 7gigs used on it.

    Now a couple issues I am having here is this.

    1. gmail keeps crashing, I uninstalled and reinstalled and still crashes.
    2. When I am playing music on my phone from mp3 files I keep getting this pop noise from time to time. I get this with the preloaded music player, google music, winAMP, and RealPlayer and it's on any file I play.

    something I would like to know how to do if I can do it with the.

    Can change the cyanogenMod 7 boot animation. and if so how can I do this?

    Thank you for your help

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  2. PerkinsII

    PerkinsII Android Enthusiast

    You have a beta 5 versions old, get the newest here. This should be the first thing you do.
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  3. crepers86

    crepers86 Member
    Thread Starter

    Think you this helped, also it answered another question I asked on one of minus' videos earlier today about having the wireless tethering.

    now if I can just find the answer about changing the boot animation.
  4. PerkinsII

    PerkinsII Android Enthusiast

    Get "Rom Toolbox" from the market it's free and it comes with like 100 different ones to choose. You manually can change it by going to /system/media and overwriting the bootanimation.zip with the one you want.
  5. thangfish

    thangfish Android Expert

    ... Or just stick whatever bootanimation.zip you find that you want to try, in data/local/ and it will be used instead of whatever may be in system/media/
  6. PerkinsII

    PerkinsII Android Enthusiast

    Easier to just overwrite

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