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Help with updating my Application!

Discussion in 'App Inventor' started by FreedomAmerica, Nov 11, 2010.

  1. FreedomAmerica

    FreedomAmerica New Member
    Thread Starter

    Nov 11, 2010
    Hello, I am now, like most people, new to app inventor. I am currently creating a News Application and i am wondering if there is a way for my application to automatically update users with the current news that i put out without everyone needing an updated version of my app every time i change a headline?:thinking: Help from more experienced users would be nice. Thank you for your time in responding :)


  2. Rob.177870

    Rob.177870 Member

    Oct 24, 2010
    If you are producing news, you could do it the way every other news site does it, by uploading your news to a web site and giving people a program which uses the web interface provided to read that news and display it.

    However, if you *really* don't want to do that, another option (depending on your calling plan) might be to maintain an SMS or email mailing list of people who download your program, and use the facilities provided to read received SMSs or emails to get your news updates out of those messages. However, if the number of users gets high, this could be problematic with volume communication, and of course people would have to give them your details in order to be able to do this, which some might not want to do.
  3. aguywithathing


    Oct 12, 2010
    Make your application obtain it's news from a "feed", best thing to do would be to use JSON in Java

    Set up the feed on a web server using PHP and MySQL for example, then to update the news on for your application, you simply update the database

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