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Help with Upgrading .... M9? or 10? Maybe LG?? TMobile

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Are We There Yet, May 3, 2016.

  1. Are We There Yet

    Thread Starter

    Coming from an Ultra.

    The camera was fine. I loved the speakers! Loved the size.

    Am returning Galaxy S7 Edge .... its too big ... speakers arent as good as Ultra. And dont like curved screen.

    M8 .... $220
    M9 .... $420
    10 .... a lot :)

    Maybe an LG ????

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  2. MysticalRide

    MysticalRide Newbie

    I like my M9 a lot, it's a solid phone that does everything well ... only real complaint is no OIS
    The 10 is getting a Ton of Good Press and it's already received an update that makes the camera even better. I can't wait to hear it as I actually use my phone for a lot of music and stuff, the not being Stereo is a bit of a bummer but if they put a lot of work into making the speaker set up Better (as reported) I might not even notice ... The effort to make the headphone option more "Audiofile" quality also has me very intrigued.
    I thought I read that AT&T isn't initially carrying the 10 - so I might have to wait :(
  3. markdoc

    markdoc Android Expert

    I've had both the M8 and M9. The M8 sounded good but the M9 is the best sounding phone I've ever owned. (I love the front facing speakers) That includes the music and the telephone. I don't care that much about cameras but I like the M9's a little better. The problem I had with the M8 was it wasn't very sturdy. The two I had both had charging port problems. The M9, IMO, is better built. I am tough on phones and I put them all in cases. The M9 has held up without a problem. However, I've had 2 M9's and they both had overheating problems that became worse with the Marshmallow update. The first one reached 125° and fried. Verizon sent me a refurbished replacement and it's better but still very warm.(113°) I have 6 months left on my contract and I can't wait to get the "10". I'd get it now, but I can't afford the $598 with the "Uh Oh" discount. So far, the "10" sounds really good. But until there are more in use, we won't know if it has any issues. Good luck choosing.

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