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Help with vibration

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by dwally89, Dec 27, 2011.

  1. dwally89

    dwally89 Lurker
    Thread Starter


    I am new to this forum, so if I am posting in the wrong place, then please let me know.

    I have finally just got my first Android phone (Samsung Galaxy S II) after having a Windows Mobile phone (Samsung Omnia) for the past 3 years.

    On my Windows phone, using the volume keys, I was able to turn the phone from normal ringing, to vibrate, to nothing (i.e. no ringing or vibrate), but on my Android phone, the volume keys only seem to let me choose between normal ringing and vibrate?
    Is there an easy way for me to make the phone completely silent (i.e. not even vibrating)?


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  2. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor

    Menu>Settings>Volume>Vibrate>set up if you want it to vibrate in silent mode or if you do not. By default it vibrates in silent mode.
  3. lunatic59

    lunatic59 Moderati ergo sum

    Hello and welcome to Android Forums! :)

    You can use a widget for that. I use Beautiful Widgets but i am sure there would be a free one available for that as well.

    These types of questions are best asked in the forum for the specific device because every phone menu options are not the same. Because the Galaxy S2 classification covers different models from different carriers, the forums have been split so not to cause any confusion. Select the forum appropriate to your phone.

    Samsung Galaxy S2 (AT&T) - Android Forums
    Samsung Galaxy S2 (T-Mobile) - Android Forums
    Samsung Galaxy S2 (Sprint) - Android Forums
    Samsung Galaxy S2 (International) - Android Forums
  4. dwally89

    dwally89 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Thanks :)
    Just found a free one called Silent Toggle Widget, seems to work fine :)

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