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Help with wifi tether

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by longdaddy, Jan 6, 2010.

  1. longdaddy

    longdaddy Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Can someone help me out with this i have been wanting it since its been released the instrustions i read are all cluttered and i dont understand my droid is rooted already i have 2.0.1 could someone make a tut or a youtube video?

  2. meekrab

    meekrab Android Enthusiast

    I'm running 2.0.1 with wifi tether right now so I can help you out. Since you're rooted you're almost there. I got all my info here:
    Tether capability with android-wifi-tether (Wireless Tether for Root Users) - Droid Forum - Verizon Droid & the Motorola Droid Forum

    I don't have time for a full writeup, but this is the only step that's not very clear in that thread's instructions. I'll help you out when I have some time later.

    You need to install the Sholes recovery image version 0.15.0 or later, which is available from Sholes (they're up to version 0.99.1b, but I'm using version 0.15.0 without issue). If you're familar with ADB then the instructions on that website are pretty clear.

    Alternatively, you can use droid root helper to install 0.15.0 from your phone (I didn't use ADB at all). I think alldroid.org can help you out with that.

    Again I will try to get on later and clear things up
  3. longdaddy

    longdaddy Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    thanks i would really appreatie a break down instrutions when you get the time i wish someone would make a video tut on youtube i can follow videos better but if had a simpler written instrutions i think i can handle it
  4. meekrab

    meekrab Android Enthusiast

    Try this out

    Rooted Android with WiFi tethering | The Clever Engineer

    MAKE SURE YOU BACKUP before you try anything

    (The following is taken directly from that website, and you MUST start with a rooted droid)

    From The Clever Engineer:

    So let’s get started:

    1) We need to download some files first:

    a) SuperUser Update File: http://alldroid.org/download/file.php?id=659
    b) Droid Rooting Tools: http://www.filefactory.com/file/a176c22/n/droid_root_helper.zip
    c) Restore Image: http://drop.io/tbzq4oj/asset/bcdmrs-20091226-2109-zip

    2) Now you need to connect your phone to your computer using the included USB cable. Then pull down the notification screen and click “Mount”. The SD card should now show up like another hard drive in your My Computer screen.Now put the droid-superuser_update.zip file onto the root of your SD card for the phone. Then rename it to “update.zip”

    3) Restart your phone into Recovery mode . This is done by holding down your power button and then turning off your phone (if it’s on). Once it is all the way powered off, then hold down the power button and the X key on the physical keyboard at the same time until your see the Motorola symbol come up. Once you see the caution symbol, then hold down the camera button (lower right corner of phone) and also the Volume up button (upper right corner of phone) together. You will then see the Recovery console.

    4) Click on Apply update.zip

    5) Once done, reboot your phone into normal mode.

    6) Now we need to get a certain app from the market called ApkInstaller. So head on over to the marketplace and search for “Apk”. Then click to install Apkinstaller once you find it.

    7) From 1b, you should have downloaded a file called droid-root-helper. Unzip this file to the phone’s SD card using the same process as the super user file that we put on there. So on your phone’s SD root directory you should have a file called DroidRootHelper.apk and also a folder named Tools. This is crucial to the steps following this one.

    8) Once this is on your phone unplug the USB cord from your phone. This is because APKinstaller errors out when connected to your computer. Regardless, load up APKinstaller that you got from the marketplace and then install DroidRootHelper.apk. Sorry, one more thing, you must allow third party applications from Settings->Applications and then check “unknown sources”.

    9)Once DroidRootHelper is installed, open up the program click on the following buttons in order:
    Mount System 3
    Mount System4
    Rename Recovery
    Install Busybox
    Install Flash Image
    Flash SirPsycoS’s recovery
    Reboot Recovery

    10) Once your phone as been rebooted to the recovery mode (this should be done by clicking “Reboot Recovery”) . Select the Nandroid submenu, and choose the “Default Nandroid Backup” option. This will create a folder name something like “BCDMRS-20091230-2116″ inside the nandroid folder on the root of your SD card.

    10a) This backup folder needs to be copied off of the SD card onto your computer. Save this folder as that is the backup of your system. DO NOT DELETE THIS FOLDER. Just MOVE it to your computer. Make sure you get it off the SD card.

    11) Next take the zip file from 1c and unzip it. Please the resulting folder “bcdmrs-20091226-2109″ inside of the NANDROID folder on the SD card. So in other words it should be: SD Card\Nandroid\bcdmrs-20091226-2109

    12) Now reboot into recovery mode again.

    13) Click on Backup/Restore. Then click on Simple Nandroid restore (latest).
  5. nateo200

    nateo200 Android Enthusiast

    Going to have to use this thread tomorrow when I get a chance. Really helpful!
  6. longdaddy

    longdaddy Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    thanks meekrab this i can follow much simpler :D
  7. meekrab

    meekrab Android Enthusiast

    These are my speed results, signal strength is -66 dBm


    I should mention that my phone is in another room, 1 wall and about 20 ft. apart.
  8. longdaddy

    longdaddy Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    thats cool,, do you know what will happen when the 2.1 update comes will i have to redo all this?
  9. meekrab

    meekrab Android Enthusiast

    Yes. Versions of 2.1 with wifi tether are being developed at the websites I mentioned initially. By the time 2.1 is officially released, an easier way to do all this will be in place.
  10. meekrab

    meekrab Android Enthusiast


    Laptop tethered at approximately 50 feet away, separated by 4 walls.

    The range on the wifi kicks ass. Speed is maintained very well.
  11. longdaddy

    longdaddy Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    thanks for all the help meekrab planing on doing this sometime today cant wait lol hope i dont mess nothing up thou
  12. meekrab

    meekrab Android Enthusiast

    Good luck. I'll be on the road this evening but I'll check back later tonight.

    Remember, if nothing else, to backup your phone properly.

    From the article at clever engineer:

    "BE SURE YOU HAVE EVERYTHING BACKUP LIKE PAID APPS. This is because this restore will delete everything off your phone as if you just got it from the store. I cannot help you with the backing up part since I did not have any paid apps yet I just accepted the program loss. After getting my phone to work I just downloaded and configured all of my free apps again."

    I think you get the idea
  13. javapop

    javapop Newbie

  14. meekrab

    meekrab Android Enthusiast

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