So I'm having trouble with my Samsung Galaxy S3, It wont turn on and if it does it gets stuck on a white screen.

Now I'm not so worried about all my music, i can re download that, but I have recently lost my dog Merlin, me and Merlin were very close, and all my pictures i have of him are on there, plus Holley, and Griffon who i very recently lost as well, and they didn't save to my SD card for some reason and they never backed up on to Google.

So i was wondering if there is any way at all to get those pictures off of my phone because it will not turn on and i would really like them back,


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Before you try the repair shop option, try pulling out your S3's battery and let it sit that way for a minute or two. Put it back together and try starting it up again.
When you do try to start it up, does the Samsung logo show up before that white screen comes up?
Also, if you try to start up in 'Recovery Mode' you could try wiping the system cache partition (this doesn't affect your personal data and photos, they're stored in a different partition) but I don't think that's going to be a viable solution. Worth trying as it won't hurt anything but be sure to NOT do a 'Factory Reset' -- which does wipe your personal info. That white screen indicates a hardware problem more than a software issue.


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Yes, I can only echo what @svim has already said, donot do or let anyone else do a "Factory reset" of your phone as that will wipe it entirely.

Good luck in getting your photos back, I do know what it feels like to lose precious memories when technology fails. In my case a micro SD memory card though.