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Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Suemartin3, Jun 12, 2019.

  1. Suemartin3

    Suemartin3 Lurker
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    I just got this phone last night, im not sure what apps i really need and what apps i can stop/disable because i dont need to take up storage for stuff i do not know. Please HELP!!! I'm not tech savvy at all so please be patient n explain like I am in kindergarten. TIA

  2. R8a8idF

    R8a8idF Newbie

    This will largely boil down to what you want but the bare bones will be as follows.

    Phone app
    Gps/map app if you need it
    Storage for videos and photos

    Most other non android native apps (like firmware for actually running the phone and services that make it work, these will usually have android icons and have names you dont even recognize and likely arent even displayed with your other apps on your app screen) can just about go or be disabled if you dont use them. No reason to have third party news, social media, apps that try to replace apps you already have like a different msg or contact app.

    Does this help answer your question?
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  3. Suemartin3

    Suemartin3 Lurker
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  4. Suemartin3

    Suemartin3 Lurker
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    Those pics are all apps in my phone. Idk what to keep,stop/disable,clear storage and/or cache. What can i gwt rid of. I use facebook and ny son uses it. He's 6 with disabilities so it helps him keep calm and educational. Please help me. Sadly not tech savvy more tech soggy lol

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  5. Steven58


    Hey Sue,

    If you're a novice, here is my suggestion.. I hope you find it be wisdom. Wait before you do anything. Then, when saaaay a month is up, just take notice of what you use and what you don't. The obvious ones are games and other stuff included with your phone that you'd never use, such as games and the like. Then, freeze away. If you have any question about specific apps, go ahead and ask it here. For example, you can have programs that you don't recognize and want to freeze but in actuality, they may be necessary for the function of other apps and your phone in general. Just my 0.02!

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  6. R8a8idF

    R8a8idF Newbie

    User Steven 58 summed it up well. Monitor the apps you do use, and after some time decide which ones you use/like and keep those and clear out the ones you dont. If you are unsure if you should or should not delete something just ask here and/or do some digging online to find out if it is a necessary app.

    Clearing data and cache regularly is a good part of general device maintenance. Once a week or once a month depending on frequency of use (more use = more often) is a generally good idea.

    Also, im not sure if i would consider facebook to be an educational platform, but it is not my place to advise you on what platforms your children should/should not have access to. However I would say it is a good idea to monitor their use and frequency of use of any applications at such a young age.
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  7. svim

    svim Extreme Android User

    I tend to agree with @Steven58, use your phone for a few weeks and get familiar with what you do and don't use. We all use our phones to do different things and have different expectations so what's most useful for you could be in complete contrast to others. Once you're more comfortable with your phone, make your decisions on what to disable and what to keep based on your needs, not someone else.
    Also, you might want to sit down and just go through all the options in your Settings menu. It's a good way to learn what kind of services are available on your particular model. There's a lot of things that are common to all our Android phones, but every model has its own hardware configuration so there are features that might not be so common. Your Settings menu will reflect that aspect, and once you know what's in your Settings you'll be more comfortable using your phone.
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  8. mikedt

    mikedt 你好

    I can see one you may not need straight away.

    "Wish" you might only need that if you're interested in ordering very cheapo products directly from China. Otherwise it can be removed.


    Do LG phones come with Wish as bloat now?
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  9. The-Truth

    The-Truth Android Expert

    My Aristo 3 is metroPCS. No Wish bloat apk. So whats goin on bootloader locked so the TWRP img built for it cant be flashed? Just got the device so I didnt catch the twrp.img before take down 👽
  10. The-Truth

    The-Truth Android Expert

    ABSOLUTLY! The 'cyber world,' is a potentialy dangerous place and dangerous for all its potential danger! Some options/settings will have a first time setup explanation. You can get all the information reading through google about youre and youre familys devices. Theres some very skilled and informative folks here on Android Forums of course and google is where you can read up on youre/any device and learn what youre devices settings and apks are and do then you can better understand the purpose for the given settings so you can know how based on youre and youre familys particular needs and/or wants to get things setup properly. And more important how to bettet protect youreself and family. I know theres lots to learn just pace/brace yourself so you dont frustrate youre coming in to learning the complexitys involved in all this. YOU GOT THIS MANG! 👽
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