Hi There,
My name is Amanda, and i am going crazy.. Let me tell you of my problems.. I can't make my Andriod epad V1.74 connect to the internet, i took it to an expert who told me i can't connect wireless EVERYWHERE because i have no place on my tablet to put the 3G network thing, that left me like :thinking:...
But he did tell me i could connect wireless in a hot spot, such as Macdonalds,somehwere that has a Wi-Fi router... Still i am :thinking:...
I CAN'T CONNECT NO MATTER WHAT I TRY!!! So now im left :mad:..
Someone, PLEASE help...
And make me :D


You know you want to.
I'm not sure because I don't have a tablet but on my Droid, which it may be the same way is.. press menu> settings> wireless & networks > make your that wifi has a green check beside it, if not check it. Then press on wifi settings, in that sub-menu should come up with wifi hotspots if there are any around you. Then you choose the one you want and connect to it.. As I said, it may not be the same for your device though. But at any rate, welcome to the Android Forums! I hope I've helped.