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Sep 29, 2010
i rooted my phone and put the blackglass theme on my SD card but now when i go to reboot my phone form the Droid X bootstrap i hit reboot recovery and then it just shuts off my phone and then turns it back on. and im supposed to see options in green font and i dont see any so i cant install zip from SD card :(
Anyone have an idea of what im doing wrong? im following the all one guide to rooting dedoxing and unbricking.
You need to press the bootstrap recovery button first, then press ok, and then press reboot recovery. The screen with the green font will appear after it boots up.
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You might not.be.rooted. you need to download rom manager too and flash recovery from there. Then go back. Hit the top button in bootstrap and then reboot recovery. See if that works. It it doesn't... re root your phone.
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oh lol thanks i didnt kno i had to hit the bootstrap recovery button first :x
now it brought me to the screen thanks