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I really need help with this phone! I just got it three weeks ago and it's my first phone so far... Anywhooo I was wondering if it's possible to, on this phone, make a kid of password for when the screen goes black, instead of just the slidey thing... And it it possible to delete emails from, well, your emails... I would like to put a similar lock on my photo's and texts so not anybody who gets my phone can read them.... Thanks alot! :)


Yes there is a password-like system.
Go to Settings > Location & Security > Screen blocking or something, my phone is in spanish and it says Bloqueo pantalla, so just look in there for options and you'll be fine.

As for pictures, you can make a folder with a file manager and create a file called ".nomedia" without quotes inside the folder, that way the gallery will not show the pictures inside that folder.

No idea about blocking messages, I've read that there are apps for that but I've never used one so I can't recall any names.