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I had root and an earlier version of Molten installed... I wanted to get to 2.2 Molten, so I flashed back to 2.3.4 then rerooted with one-click. All the installs went ok and I did get root.....but now I can't flash any roms at all. I repeated all processes, including deleting and re-downloading the roms...still no luck. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!


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Why can't you? What's your error? If you went back to stock with RSD using a SBF, then you lost your Bootstrap (which you need to flash a custom ROM) and have to reinstall it.


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Thanks Scur.... I am such a noob! I didn't realize I lost that in the process ...reinstalled and am back in business! One of these days I'll be flashing and sbf'ing all over the place! Thanks again!