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Discussion in 'Android Development' started by plays2, Apr 29, 2012.

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    alright now i might be in the wrong section....but i need some help developing my app. I've made iphone,ipad,and windows phone apps before but now ive decided to begin developing for android also. i'm just looking to create a SIMPLE app, a soundboard. very easy, or so i thought. After searching around the internet for days i've resulted to asking the forums. Ive found little templates and such that work with like, froyo, but i want to make a soundboard for ics using eclipse indigo. How can i link a button up to a sound file, and make it so when you press it once, it plays, and when you press it again, it stops? again i need this to work with the latest version of eclipse. the little templates i found dont work with the lates version of eclipse. idk why/: thanks for the help. If this is the wrong section please tell me where i should post this. im new to the forums :) haha

  2. wubbzy

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    Work with media player

    MediaPlayer | Android Developers

    do this in onClick of your button:
    mp = MediaPlayer.create(Test.this, R.raw.mysound);

    you'd also need to put sound file under a directory res/raw. If 'raw' does not exist create it and put the sound file in there.

    have fun.

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