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Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by zetroc, May 4, 2012.

  1. zetroc

    zetroc Android Enthusiast
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    So, I'm by no means a developer. Merely an amateur Android lover who decided to root his XOOM LTE because I have no patience.

    Got it unlocked and rooted using Universal Root but after I flashed EOS it loads up to the welcome/setup screen:

    -The first time I hit next, and it brought me to the lock screen, won't actually let me unlock it. I keep sliding the lock over and nothing. Reinstalled.
    -Second time it let me connect to the WiFi, got to the date/time and locked. Did the same as before.
    -Third time, I hit next and it got to the WiFi screen and was scanning and locked. Back to the lock screen, can't unlock it.

    Is there something I can/should do?

    Also, I did this without thinking about it, and that's my fault, and shame be on me, but if I am rooted, can I access my purchased Google content? I know my Inc running CM7 can't play Google Play Movies. If this will be the case, I want to revert back to stock, locked, and unrooted, how do I go back?

    Sorry if this is making your roll your eyes, I understand, and trust me, I'm an idiot! Any help is greatly appreciated :)

  2. zetroc

    zetroc Android Enthusiast
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    Turns out that issue was happening because the SIM card wasn't inserted.

    This still leaves me with the problem I hadn't thought of and that is that purchased content (such as movies) are not viewable on the device because it is rooted. Where can I find instructions on how to go back to stock/unrooted/locked? Thanks in advance!
  3. daltekkie

    daltekkie Member

    The sticky at the top of the All Things Root page has instructions on how to un-root.
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