Hi!! I have a Triio Stealth Pro tablet and im trying to download the play store so I can download some some sites they let me download the market but it closes right away and doesn't let me do anything...where do I download this and how?? Pls help me!!!


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Welcome to the forum! Unfortunately, buyin a off brand inexpensive tablet can lead to frustration. I'm assuming that though the tablet comes with 4.0, they aren't a Google partner and didn't install the google apps (GAPPS) including the play store? I'm going to move this to the general tablet section, maybe someone there can help you with side loading GAPPS. Good luck!


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Play needs to be installed as a system app. Installing it like any other app such as a game will successfully install but will cause a force close loop when launched. Cheap tablets don't have the developer suoport either so a custom recovery needed to install system apps is not likely. Unless you have past purchases on Play id recommend 1Mobile Market as an alternative which has all the free apps found on Play but is faster and less glitchy than Google Play IMO