So I just bought a Moto G 2nd gen and I love it. Today, I went to download spotify and worked fine for a bit until I kept getting "spotify has stopped working" error message like literally 8 times all under each other. Every time I clicked ok, another was there. I went to take a picture, and my thumbnail was grey but the older pictures were there so I know it's not a corrupted sd card. So I rebooted device and same thing, only now I got launcher 3 has stopped error. Uninstalled spotify, rebooted again and some message about patch access or something like that. So I factory reset my device, and it erased my sd card contents too. Any help? I can't find a file manager on kit Kat. I am used to jelly bean so this is all new. Thanks.
I don't think its a problem with kitkat. There should be a file manager somewhere.
You might want to post on the spotify forum for your problems.

PS. Can the Moto G 2nd gen connect directly with thumbdrives?