Helpp !

Okay so my dad finally got me a phone. And he bought me the Samsung Vibrant Android. He said he'd pay for the phone, but I had to buy the service. Being a full time student, and only 15, I don't have time to work right this minute. I got a texting app but it requires a wifi connection and it works fine but in school when I need to talk to my mom or my dad, I can't test them. I jsut wanted to know if anyone knew of an app that I can download for my phone, that I can text for free, and not need to have wifi around. I don't know if theirs one out there but I can only hope. If you can help me. Reply, shoot me a message, anything. I'd like to find one soon. But any help is accepted.


Welcome to Android Forums!! You do have 3g service on phone right? Never really thought of trying to do this.... not sure