Helppp. i never did this before!!!!!


I am midway through my contract with T-mobile. I currently have a sidekick 08 w/ a data plan. I want to cancel my data plan for the sidekick, purchase a used mytouch, take my original sim card and put it into the mytouch, and then add on the mytouch data plan. Will T-mobile have a problem with this. If not, how do i go about swithing data plans. I'd really appreciate your help.


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I think T-Mobile will find out about you having a Sidekick and know that there are obviously two different data plans for both phones, thus, making you pay a cancellation fee.

Try it, though and see what happens. :)
I had an iPhone on AT&T and really hated it. I had a 1000 minute plan + data plan. I did not change my plan, pulled out my SIM, placed in my Nokia E71. Everything worked and i kept my plan to term on the "iPhone contract".

If you don't pull your data plan and keep it, and if the cost is about the same as the T-Mobile data plan for Android, just switching the SIM should work.

Alternatively, if you have a local T-Mo rep that is good, just go in one day and talk to him in person. My local guy is great and as long as you will keep your minutes and switch over to an Android dataplan, I think they would do it for you without charging you.


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Yeah, because iv'e been doing some reasearch and i know that both data plans do not work w/ each other. so as long as t-mobile doesn't give me a problem mid contract, i m good to go.


They will not make you pay a fee. I do this all the time. You dont even have to cancel anything all you do is call customer service and tell them to switch to a mytouch data. It should be about the same i pay 25 a month. No other fees are applied just have to switch your sims