Helppp !!!! Please :)


I got a 7' Allwinner Android Tablet and the second day I turned it on it was working fine, until three hours later it just shut off while I was watching a video. It hasn't come on since. I've put it on the charger, and holding the button down for 30 seconds and I've tried almost anything. Will someone please help me. It's not even a week old. THANKS :)


Sounds very much like it's dead, think you've tried everything you possibly can. These things do happen. Best to return it for refund or replacement as it's only a week old.


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If it has a reset button try using a paper clip or pin to force reboot it that way. It could have just switched to sleep or standby somehow and had a bug known as the sleep of death. I got an old Eclair model that does that in standby, seems dead but I have to reset it the hard way to bring it back, and ever since just power it down when not using it