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Here Comes The Boom!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Tetelasti, Sep 23, 2014.

  1. Tetelasti

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    ....... And of course by "Boom" I mean the Boomsound! I had alot of experience with the HTC Boomsound with the HTC M8 and with the new E8, it still holds its quality and crisp sound. I cannot get enough of the boomsound with my music and games. I am always having some sort of music or movies or something playing on it. Like the M8 the sounds is superb. Same great sound for a lower price! You cannot beat that.

    The HTC E8 still comes with the dual front facing speakers as well. This ensures that you always get the best and loudest sound possible. This means no more turning your phone upside down and not being able to see the screen or even risk scratching the screen!

    With this phone its perfect to take to the gym, on a walk, or even to like a sports event, etc. You can hear the sound even if it is loud around you. Wanna show your friends a music video, or simply just show them that latest track that just came out from your favorite band? No worries everyone will be able to hear it with the HTC Boomsound and the HTC One E8.

    Your Product Ambassador Team


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