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Here is another argument in favour of rooted phones

Discussion in 'Rogers' started by nicracine, Jan 28, 2010.

  1. nicracine

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    Nov 29, 2009
    I found a very interesting video this morning:


    50 Android games in 10 minutes.

    Most of them are great games that look great. I am not a gamer, not have I used an iPhone, but from what I see in there, it looks like at least a few of them are up to par with the iPhone standard.

    Now, what is interesting here is that all the games I looked up are on the PAID market. That means that nobody in Canada can buy them or play them. We've all seen it, one of the best selling argument for a smartphone nowadays is the playing experience.

    How can Rogers, and all the other carrier supporting Android phones, properly promote a phone that cannot access it's best software? How will Android grow it's market without those apps?

    First, I believe the carrier should pressure Google into giving us access to the paid app market. The generic answer that it's not up to the carriers stinks of apathy. If you want something, if your customers want something, you request it until you get it. That's what a customer-oriented company should do.

    Second, this is another example why Rogers shot itself in the foot by bullying all it's custom ROM users into installing its mediocre ROM. Those people do a lot for promoting the Android phones. They keep feeding the fire when there nothing newsworthy happening. They have access to those paid apps, and can show them around. THIS IS FREE VIRAL MARKETING.

    Rogers, what were you thinking?

    Nicolas Racine


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