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Here it is guys the new gingerbread radio! (Now officially leaked from xda)!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by digdug1, Jun 8, 2011.

  1. digdug1

    digdug1 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

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  2. project.in.process

    project.in.process Well-Known Member

    flashed w/o a problem

    working great so far
  3. scotty85

    scotty85 Extreme Android User

    Wonder if the new ota will soon follow? :cool:
  4. digdug1

    digdug1 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    My thoughts exactly.
  5. schmaltzy

    schmaltzy Newbie

    Is this only for people running Gingerbread or is it good for Froyo ROMs?

    Edit - Never mind, I continued reading!
  6. scotty85

    scotty85 Extreme Android User

    Ooooh bummer... reading thru the radio thread,mr2 is another froyo update :( our gb ota prolly wont be til Sept or August.
  7. scotty85

    scotty85 Extreme Android User

    This is for gb only
  8. project.in.process

    project.in.process Well-Known Member

    posts to support both beliefs--
    but i've read more posts/moderators saying "only for GB ROMs" and not for any Froyo users

    safety-wise: GB ROMs only.

    if it is just for GB only, then makes ya think that there is an update around the corner that would use a GB radio.
  9. defTwitch

    defTwitch Member

    Its actually a Froyo MR2 radio... and won't work with all the Froyo Roms out now which are MR1.

    Which is why they're saying don't use on a Froyo rom. MR2 is compatible with all the GB roms though.

    In future once they release the full RUU and have a chance to play with it I'm sure some Froyo roms will be changed to run off this radio.
  10. ska.t73

    ska.t73 Android Expert

    This is the way it has been explained by Jcase and Chingy. This radio is for the new OTA that will be coming out at the end of this month. It is a froyo update, however HTC has updated the RIL so that this new radio will work with GB and the upcoming froyo OTA.

    This means that when GB is released it will not need to have a new radio with it. It also means that current GB ROMs will work with this radio. Jcase is also in the process of releasing the upcoming OTA RUU, which is froyo and will work with this new radio.
  11. SecondShot

    SecondShot Android Enthusiast

    Well, all I can say is I flashed before all the posts. It is slick on GB which i had abandoned. Works great on GB bamf 2.05. No probs or reboots whatsoever. Nice.
  12. jmcox99

    jmcox99 Newbie

    I flashed the bamf 2.0-5 beta and rebooted and i obviously had no data service, so I downloaded the new radio to my sd card, renamed it appropriately and when I try to flash it from recovery, i choose the zip and it says finding update package, opening update package, installing update...installation aborted.

    Any ideas guys? Am i supposed to be using a different method to flash the radio? Thanks in advance as I'm a newb.
  13. scotty85

    scotty85 Extreme Android User

    hmm other than the still pretty crappy life i have been so happy with cm7 that ive not had much desire to go back to leak based roms(other than the not yet released bamf/3.0). however,the new radio may be worth some experimentation. :D

    thinking i just might give the th3oryOfGinger a try... in his own words: "But I can tell you it is quick, fluid and rock solid"
  14. defTwitch

    defTwitch Member

    just put theory on today (candy version) with new radio

    missing some bells and whistles so far... but it does seem fast and i'm doing better with this radio than previous

    it's worth checking out but only GB rom I've ran so far...
  15. scotty85

    scotty85 Extreme Android User

    whats the theming like onthe candy version? i wish he had up some screenies of it... ive downloaded both :p

    ive run the original ruu with a couple different kernels,ive run bamf and gingeritis. bamf and gingeritis both worked extremely well. bamf i used remix and gingeritis i applied a red theme that was pretty slick as well.

    what bells and whistles is it missing? if its sense stuff im ok with that ;)
  16. ska.t73

    ska.t73 Android Expert

    You need to flash radios from the bootloader. On DASBAMF just hold down power select restart and then select bootloader. Once in the bootloader hit power and wait for it to prompt you then hit volume up. Let it flash and hit power to reboot when it tells you. After you reboot make sure you delete or move the radio from the root of your shoes card.
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  17. gregnice37

    gregnice37 Member

    So I've been running the new radio and GingerREMIX for about 8 hours tonight, so sweet and smooth guys. This totally rocks and not 1 reboot, even off fresh install, me likey.:D

    I did flash new radio then Rom because I've never used adb and I didn't want to do the battery pull trick.
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  18. scotty85

    scotty85 Extreme Android User

    first... thanks ska.t73 for answering that question. i totally missed it somehow,my apologies for ignoring you,jmcox99... it wasnt intentional :(

    also,i just flashed th3oryOfGinger. so far it seems pretty smooth and stable,and is very stock looking :) will report more after running it the day.

    i was coming from cm7(miss it allready,lol) so i flashed rom,adb booted to bootloader for the radio.
  19. alamoe

    alamoe Android Enthusiast

    Also, I would flash the radio first. I cant remember which one youre supposed to do first but i do know i had problems when i flashed the rom before the radio. Now i flash the radio in bootloader, reboot, then go to recovery, full wipe, then flash the rom. havent had any problems doing it in that order.
  20. scotty85

    scotty85 Extreme Android User

    no one has seemed to have any prollems flashing the radio the different ways.i dont think there is a 100% "right" way that we know of,until an issue pops up with one method or another.

    that said,the original instructions with the leaked ruu were to flash the rom,reboot to bootloader via adb,and flash the radio after.

    i like adb,and personally think the original instructions are the fastest/easiest... dont have to wait for a reboot,and its not nearly as abraisive as the battery pull.
  21. alamoe

    alamoe Android Enthusiast

    First time I flashed GB I got the steps mixed up and flashed the radio first. But it worked perfect! Then I used adb and did it the way the instructions said for my wifes TB but it would freeze on the boot screen. When I flashed the radio first I didn't do a battery pull though, I rebooted and then went to recovery. Either way seems to be working though
  22. lamoglinsgal

    lamoglinsgal Android Expert

    I just flashed the radio, and then BAMF 2.0-5 and everything is working fine. I was running BAMF 1.7 before. I do have one root noob question, though. I made a backup of my previous version (running 1.7). If I decided to go back for whatever reason, will that backup reinstall the previous radio, or do I need to do that manually?
  23. defTwitch

    defTwitch Member

    I believe you'd have to radio manually
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  24. ska.t73

    ska.t73 Android Expert

    You would need to flash the previous radio seperately. ROMs do not flash at the low level that a radio needs to be flashed at. Radios need to be flashed in Hboot because they are flashing at a lower level then the ROMs.

    The only time that a ROM will come packaged with a radio is if you are flashing an RUU in Hboot (these are usually released by Jcase and are the rooted versions of the stock OTAs).
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  25. konman

    konman Member

    Which kernel are you guys using with this new radio?

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