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HERE maps - feature from Windows Phone version

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by AndroidHusband, Feb 1, 2016.

  1. AndroidHusband

    Thread Starter

    My job requires I keep abreast of technology, so I have a myriad of phones to play with.

    I have noticed the Windows version of HERE maps has a feature which (IMHO) kicks the Android versions a**.

    When I launch HERE on WP, it immediate goes into "Navigate" mode. The display is current location in 3D (as if I had entered a destination). If I drive, it follows with time/distance elapsed, and displaying current speed limits. A very nice touch.

    Is the any way to get the Android version to do the same ?

    (Little tip for tech-heads. Keep a variety of devices/OS platforms around, so you can see the best features from all. Otherwise you're in danger of putting up with what the developers can get away with).

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  2. AndroidHusband

    Thread Starter

    ah, tiny bit more info ..

    messing around, I entered a route (from here to here) and started the navigation. Then stopped it, and the App went into the display I wanted.

    Touching the Speed/Distance section, I got a menu screen. Selecting "Dispay" and there are *2* sets of options.

    1) for "Navigation"
    2) for *tracking*

    it seems "Tracking" is what I am talking about.

    So my question can be refined as "is it possible to start HERE Maps in tracking mode ?"

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