Aug 1, 2009
I'm having real issues establishing and maintaining the bluetooth connection between my HTC Hero (1.5 Rooted) and my Pioneer Car stereo. It is a DEH6000UB with a BTB100 Bluetooth adapter which is plugged into the IP Bus.

I usually have to search a good 3 or 4 times from both the phone and the head unit before I can establish a connection and then am lucky if it lasts 5 minutes before it drops out.

When trying to play Bluetooth mp3 audio, both the phone and head unit recognises the connection but I can't hear any music.

I have made and received a few phone calls using bluetooth so it is obviously not totally incompatible.

Is there anything I can do to help stabilise it all?

Predictably, I tried it on a Nokia and everything fell into place straight away.
I have a similar problem with my Jabra BT3030 headset. The only solution I have found is to unpair the headset in the bluetooth menu on the Hero, re-pair and check if it works.
If not: Reboot the phone while connected to the bluetooth device. Works 98% of the time.

The Hero's bluetooth capabilities are really not up to standard, Im afraid :-(