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Hero gps and sync issues.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by hero user, Nov 13, 2009.

  1. hero user

    hero user New Member
    Thread Starter

    Nov 13, 2009
    First problem was trying to turn on the phone after turning it off the night before (1st day with the new phone). Everything trying to load failed and had to force close. I have only turned the phone off one time since and had the same problem. Since this is one possible "solution" to the following issues, I thought I would mention it first.

    The second problem was GPS not being able to lock onto any satellites. It worked the first time I tried "My location" in Google Maps. It worked the second time. It worked the third time. All different locations.
    Then I wanted to use it to find an address and "My Location" found me 500 miles away, 1 mile in the air, and traveling fairly fast. I then used "GPS status" to verify locked satellites but it found none even after several calibration attempts. I was outdoors, no obstructions, no anomalous magnetic fields. This happens more and more. It seems when GPS is unavailable, Google Maps uses cell signal triangulation which apparently does not work well either.

    The next problem is with HTC sync. Hero only showed the ability to sync the first time, and despite updating HTC sync to 2.0.8, deleting and reinstalling the driver, rebooting, and ensuring the USB debugging is active, still nothing.., on any computer I try. The Hero does show USB connected and that I can copy files to and from the computer, just not the choice for sync.

    I have also had the date in the time widget randomly show an hour off and return on its own (without changing locations).

    The calendar widget shows "all day" events due tomorrow which are actually on the calendar for the day after tomorrow. Seems to only be "all day" events. Does not matter how many times or ways you verify the event date, it shows incorrectly. Even if you delete the event and recreate it.

    I have found every one of these issues in forums and blogs but non of the fixes work for me. I have spent more time trying to get the phone working than actually getting any work done with it.

    Hello? HTC? Did I pay you to be your troubleshooter? If the next update does not address these issues, I will be returning the phone and staying away from HTC. I feel I got burned. Bad.


  2. ticho

    ticho Well-Known Member

    Oct 15, 2009
    Regarding the slow GPS, there seems to be an issue with all Android devices. After certain uptime, the GPS fix time is getting longer and longer, up to several minutes. A nice thread about it is here (I hope I won't find a dead rat at my porch for giving URL to another forum).

    The advice is to leave GPS enabled and fixed for several minutes for the phone to download latest almanac from satellites, but alas this didn't work for me - after about two weeks of uptime, I started getting slow GPS fix again, and leaving the phone with a GPS fix overnight (that's 8 hours) didn't help.

    What helps is a bit annoying workaround - turn the phone off, remove battery, insert battery, start phone. Voila, GPS fix in just a few seconds. Granted, this only needs to be done every 2 weeks (based on my current experience of owning Hero for about a month), but still, it's annoying.

    I really hope this will get fixed in Android, but I am not holding my breath - notice the latest post date in the thread I linked to.

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