Hero keeps malfunctioning


I don't even know what search words to put in for this, but I did try to browse through the forum before posting...

I am having a helluva time with the HTC Hero (Sprint). I love the phone, but then it does things like force closing the PHONE APP. I am looking at a phone with "No Service" because it forced closed the too-long-a-name-to-type application that runs the friggin' phone.

It also force closed a whole bunch of other things.

And now, if I look at the running apps, it looks like it loaded 12-15 apps upon start-up!! I *know* this can't be right, but I don't know what to do.

This is the second time this happened to me -- the first time, I ended up wiping out the entire thing and starting from scratch. That did NOT make me happy. Now it looks like I'll have to do that again because I can't USE THE PHONE.

Sorry, I'm just beside myself and I don't know how to explain what's happening. It looks like I'll have to make a trip to Sprint, but if anyone has any insight, I'd really appreciate it.

Thanks in advance --

JM Flint


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JM Flint,

I was experiencing similar problems, but i found the solution to be keeping Advanced Task Killer from running it's "auto-end" service on programs. it was basically ending all non-excluded apps when a certain memory level was met (Strange I thought it was based on time frequency), and note that there were some Android processes like the Phone that are impossible to find in ATK to add "exclude" setting. I would disable your task manager first, reboot, and see how that goes.


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If you are experiencing this problem and have not installed any APPS from the marketplace.

You have bad hardware.

But, this is only if you have not installed apps.. Nothing else would do this unless you have installed apps. Get my drift?


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Yes, I have installed apps -- kinda would defeat the purpose of this phone if I didn't. ;)

I am running Advanced Task Killer with default settings; I will look at those now. However, is "ending" a program the same as "force closing" a program? The force close I'm getting is the type of "unexpectedly quit" message I'm used to seeing on Microsoft products (shudder).

I *think* the commonality is that the phone's battery died, and after the recharge is when I lost all phone functions.


jmflint, i had the same problem as u are having. unfortunatly i dont know the answer to the problem.

It all happened when my phone died, i plugged it in and it started up but force closed a lot of programs that i did not know of. It also said i had no service and could not make calls, get on the net...

i took it to sprint and they reset my fone back to new. I became more careful on what apps i got from the market and what i closed with the Task Manager.

2 days ago, my phone died and when i plugged it in to start it up, everything worked, but the icons for Movies, Advanced Task Manager, and Where were all differenet or missing... i dont know whats causing these problems, but i am experiencing this as well.