Sep 23, 2009
MD/DC Metro
Anyone know how to get rid of the number that appears on the stock messaging icon? (on the icon itself not at the top of screen). Mine says "1" for one new message, but i don't have a new message. I can't figure out how to clear that. If i delete all threads it goes away, but comes back once i receive a new message, and then won't go away.

I still have ChompSMS installed and active, but was trying to use the stock app since it's supposedly fixed and Chomp won't allow pic messages.
Hmmm, thats a wierd issue... and I assume you tried a hard reset too... if not you might want to try a master reset.
Handcent fixed the MMS download issue recently with an update. If you're willing to give it a try my icon for handcent always shows the right number :)