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Hero (on Sprint) won't sleep... again.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Traviswf, May 16, 2010.

  1. Traviswf

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    May 16, 2010

    May 16, 2010
    Hey everyone. So I got my Hero last year and had that "won't sleep" problem that everyone had that was draining the battery. I installed Handcent for SMS and turned off notifications for the stock messaging app and all seemed fine.

    Then, recently, I noticed my battery was draining fast again. Since it had been a few months - I forgot about the whole sleep issue for a bit. I thought maybe it was the battery itself. But I have a third party spare battery - and both it and the HTC original battery seemed to have less life than before.

    And, lo and behold, it turned out the phone is at 100% wake time again. After trying to figure out the culprit - I restored the phone to factory settings. It worked fine again, but when I restored all of my apps using Mybackup - it was at 100% wake time again.

    So... once more I restored to factory settings and this time I re-installed my apps one-by-one. Everything was working fine for a few days. Until last night. Again, it's at 100% wake time - and I can't for the life of me figure out why. And un-installing my most recent apps isn't solving it. Neither is re-booting the phone.

    I haven't restored the phone for the third time yet. It takes a while to get everything back in order, so I'm trying to avoid that step if there's a known fix for this that I am missing. This issue basically cuts my battery life in half - so it's a big deal for me to be able to fix it.

    Is anyone else having this issue? Are there known programs or settings that cause this - beyond the messaging bug? I'm still using Handcent - so that shouldn't be a problem... right?

    I have an ongoing love-hate relationship with my Hero. When it works - I love it. But I've spent more time trying to fix things on this phone than any other device I've ever owned. So any help on this would be much appreciated.



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