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Hero shuts down all by itself

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Beauborg, Dec 24, 2009.

  1. Beauborg

    Beauborg Newbie
    Thread Starter

    My Hero often just shuts itself down. :eek:

    Often when it's been left on charge overnight I find it's shut down, but I can't switch it back on without removing the battery first.

    Any ideas please?

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  2. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    have the same problem since a couple of days. Happens once I leave the hero alone for about an hour. After that, phone doesn't respond to anything. Looks like shut down. And can only be restarted after removing and replacing the battery.

    Suggestions what's causing this (app, settings, etc.) and how to fix greatly appreciated.
  3. Geoponic

    Geoponic Well-Known Member

    think about when itt started happening and think what apps you installed that day

    (if it is indeed app related)
  4. Beauborg

    Beauborg Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Happened again twice today.

    Interestingly, the second time it was during a calendar alert and the trackball continued slowly flashing as normal, but apart from that the phone appeared dead and wouldn't respond to any key press. I had to remove the battery and restart it again.
  5. Slug

    Slug Check six!
    VIP Member

    Have you tried the universal cure-all a.k.a a factory reset? I say this not because I've any conviction that it will solve the issue, but because it's what your provider or HTC will suggest when you contact them.... :rolleyes:

    From your description I think you've got a hardware defect, so invoke the warranty and push for a replacement. It's certainly not a mere 'bug' and afaic makes the handset unfit for purpose.
  6. midge37

    midge37 Well-Known Member

    Had my hero for nearly a month now and it's done this 3 or 4 times. I can be using the phone with no problems and turn it off, a minute or 2 later go back to it and nothing happens when hitting the power button. I have to remove the battery and put it back in, and then it fires up with no problems??
  7. smithey253

    smithey253 Newbie

    This happened to me this morning

    I left it on charge over night and found it pretty much dead - not waking when pressing buttons etc - but the charging light was still glowing orange. I unplugged the charger and the light remained orange so i pulled the battery out.
  8. jacquesss

    jacquesss Lurker

    I see no-one has thusfar found an answer/solution for this, but i thought i'd add my name to the list of users experiencing the phenomena of having to remove my battery in order to switch my htc on. Have had my tmuk htc hero for 3 months and this problem only started 2 days ago. I've not installee any new apps in the last week. I cannot think of anything i've changed on my phone recently and in fact i suspect this issue was brought about possibly by a remote patch from htc, but i dont know. Has anyone found anymore info on this?
  9. gh0atd

    gh0atd Member

    Have any of you tried wiping the Battery Data using the Wipe Function?
  10. Beauborg

    Beauborg Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I've never heard of this. How do you do it? What will it achieve?
  11. I know that the Palm Pre had an issue with the batteries being loose. People started putting small pieces of paper between it and the cover which solved the issue. The newer models come with a piece of foam to keep them from moving around. Just a thought. I don't own a Hero myself.
  12. hero_101

    hero_101 Member

    I have had the same issue as well, very annoying :(
  13. qwikranger

    qwikranger Lurker

    Did anyone arrive at a solution for this problem? I've wiped the phone, rooted the phone, done everything I can think to try and defeat this with no luck.

    This is obviously a predominant problem that HTC needs to handle, anyone come to ANY solution on this? This is obviously something that is covered by the 1 yr warranty, right? Thanks.
  14. Saint2710

    Saint2710 Well-Known Member

    This happened to me just now, first time ever. Had the phone since December. Only one app installed recently, Swiftkey - installed on Monday.
    Phone is on charger overnight with night clock running - has been since Jan with no problems.
  15. seymour71

    seymour71 Newbie

    It may or may not be your cause, but this keeps happening to me, and I'm sure its due to a 'sloppy' sd card slot. i have managed to bulk out the sd card with a sticker, and so far - so good.
  16. tuahogary

    tuahogary Well-Known Member

    I'm another one of its victims but it doesnt happen to me anymore. It's just gone now as randomly as it came about 1 month ago.
  17. qwikranger

    qwikranger Lurker

    SD card is installed solid as a rock, definitely not my issue.

    This is so frustrating.
  18. qwikranger

    qwikranger Lurker

    Think I figured out my problem.....battery. On a hunch I simply threw my battery into my wifes Hero (which has never had an issue once) and immediately her phone showed the same problems mine does with shutting itself off.

    Not sure why this is happening, but I think I'll just go ahead and get a new battery ASAP.
  19. gaanrowl

    gaanrowl Newbie

    yep same here slept in for work this morning because its knocked itself off overnight. i cant get it to knock on even after removing the battery.
  20. qwikranger

    qwikranger Lurker

    Well, my problem is solved. I bought a $7.00 (shipped!) knockoff battery on Ebay and my phone has not restarted once.

    Obviously HTC has an issue with their batteries. I'm so relieved to finally have this behind me.
  21. BrowncoatKal

    BrowncoatKal Lurker

    Well I have started having this problem within the last several weeks, and I've had the phone since October without any problems. Also, the battery in my phone is an aftermarket eBay purchase, not the original HTC battery that came with the phone. It's a longer life battery, and I keep the original one fully charged as a backup should I go long periods of time without being able to recharge. The only thing I can think of recently that might be a factor is the fact that I have been getting "phone is full" messages lately and have been trying to delete some of my unused applications to see if that will help free up some space. Have not upgraded to Android 2.1 yet. has that helped anyone with this issue?
  22. umshamrock

    umshamrock Member

    i have only had this problem since upgrading to 2.1. it is driving me crazy! i am afraid i am going to be late to work if it shuts itself off over night...

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