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Tips Hero Slow? Aggregated Lag-Fighting for Newbies

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by astrobill, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. astrobill

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    Dec 15, 2009
    Possible and/or Rumored Hero Lag-Fighting Tactics:

    - Delete long text messaging records and chats frequently

    - Clean all app memory caches frequently. The Mail, Market, Internet Browser and a few other apps appear the be the biggest cache offenders. There's are app cache cleaning apps in the Market that make doing this a little easier. One of them (Qick System Info Pro) gives the phone a one-touch button/widget that will clear all caches at once. Another (Quick App Cache Cleaner) makes you do it one-app-at-a-time unless you have root access but is a simpler layout. There are probably others.

    - Don't install too many apps that reply on location services from the phone (I know...I know...sigh) and turn off Location on the phone when it's not needed.

    - Remove/Don't Install Google Voice if you don't use it. Rumored to be a resource hog.

    - Kill apps that get launched by default which you don't need (e.g., Sprint TV, NASCAR, etc.). This may not do much other than clear out some internal memory, given that Android is a LINUX-type OS and background apps don't generally steal clock cycles, etc.

    - ShopSavvy is rumored to be a major lag-contributer. Consider uninstalling to test if it helps.

    - Facebook app rumored to be a resource hog. Logout when not using it and/or consider removing it from list of auto-synched accounts in your Settings (?)

    - Also read this thread: http://androidforums.com/sprint-htc-hero/22168-got-hero-lag-try.html

    Lag-fighting tactics that Require Root Access:

    - ROOT your phone and run a version of Android that's fast (WARNING: This could be a lot of work for some users, and some non-official versions of Android may eliminate some features of your phone. Personally, I'm a pretty technical guy, but I'm still not interested in dealing with rooting my phone...)

    - If you're rooted to have Android 2.2 installed, install as many apps on the SD card as you can, as opposed to internal memory.


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