Heroes of the Eclipse [GAME][FREE]


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We just release a new game, Heroes of the Eclipse, and the story goes like this:

The Eclipse Islands are a special group of islands full with magic and wonders hidden in the vast ocean. Only a special group of individuals know their location and visit them to heal and strengthen their powers using the islands mystical stones. They are known as the Heroes of the Eclipse. The islands have been discovered and conquered by the evil master Skrimir and his evil lords. Now is the time for the heroes to come back and fight for the islands defeat Skrimir and his evil lords, return peace and justice to this mystical place.

The game includes multiple heroes, knights, battle formations, evil lords, bone warriors, and beautiful environments to go into battle. Select your hero, customize it, strategize by selecting your Knights and battle formation, fight exciting battles, collect mystical stones, and defeat the master evil lord to liberate the Eclipse Islands.

Check it out and let me know what you think!