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hey folks!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by oakie, Aug 18, 2008.

  1. oakie

    oakie Member
    Thread Starter

    Aug 18, 2008
    independent contractor
    Las Vegas, NV
    just wanted to step in and say hi as i've registered for this budding forum. a bit about myself:

    i'm a self-professed gadget freek and an educated professional in the mobile telecommunications field with a specialty in smartphones and integrated/convergent internet multimedia devices. currently an independent contractor and aspiring writer, i maintain two, very unknown blogs to practice my writing (attempting to remove terse, engineering speak to appeal to a broader audience) and take advantage of a few industry connections i have to review software, devices, and technological advances in the mobile telecommunications and wireless data world with a slight twist as i try to address issues that affect the asian-american community due to my involvement with the NAAAP. yes, i know it's very, very niche, but i'm not in it for the fame or fortune; i'm mainly desiring to hone my writing skills and to provide a specific service to my community. in case you are curious, my personal site is www.revtarded.com and my smartphone site is www.aznberry.com. and no, i do not plan on spamming the boards with these sites... i will only provide links should i cross post any relevant articles or findings.

    that said, i'm currently contracted with T-Mobile to function test the HTC Dream outside of Google's campus and will be receiving a device within the coming week. it's just a pre-launch test and last chance to catch any fatal problems that could hamper initial consumer response, to help prepare tiers 1-3 and engineering for potential issues from customers, and confirm/clean up/proofread all tech data and manuals to ensure customers get a high quality instruction guide to using the phone both online and in hard copy with the device. but most of all, my work will be testing integration with the new T-Mobile Applications store and the GMail IMAP portal within "Mobile Life" and My.TMobile.com billing front-end systems to ensure we don't "pull an Apple" upon release like with their failed MobileMe launch.

    but of course i'm under NDA, and i like receiving a paycheck, so i will speak of course in generalities until products are released. plus i've been a T-Mobile customer with T-Mobile Deutsche while in europe, and have been a T-Mobile USA customer since their takeover of Voicestream at the beginning of the century... thus i also like my benefits and will not risk those, either. ;)

    as the Android OS is released, i look forward to exploring its capabilities with many of you, even spurring fresh ideas and maybe even developing new ways of doing things in the way of UI and applications. i have never had a chance to work on a whole new OS from development to release on this large of a scale, so please pardon any excessive enthusiasm i may exhibit! this is very exciting for me so if you havent brushed up on your linux yet, time to get crackin! :D

    and if you're wondering what phone i use daily, it's a blackberry 8320 curve. communication is critical for me so i depend on RIM's experience in the corporate space. :p


  2. Rob

    Rob I'm tellin' mommy on you!

    Mar 26, 2008
    Welcome to AndroidForums!

    Feel free to put your sites in your signature... as long as you're not blatantly spamming its all good. Hopefully you'll enjoy AF enough to link back to us :cool:

    I'm really, really eager to hear your thoughts about the HTC Dream... that's amazing you're able to test it out. You might have an NDA but I'd like to remind you that we DO accept ANONYMOUS TIPS (*cough*cough*)
  3. htmlcssguru

    htmlcssguru Well-Known Member

    Jun 28, 2010
    Since introductions are in order, i'm Brian (htmlcssguru), a professional web designer/developer located outside of Seattle. I've been with Sprint for 8 years (since 2003) and have never had issues with their service and in the past they have been quite generous in retaining me as a customer.

    Currently I have the worst touch screen phone ever offered by Sprint, the Samsung Instinct (first edition). Honestly just a lump of pure garbage. It hesitates constantly, especially when texting. Pushing a key multiple times usually results in that character repeating multiple times once the OS catches up to what you're doing. VERY annoying! This phone is NOTHING like the EVO (or any of the Android phones) and has such sluggish response that I can't trust it to do the things it needs to do (alarms, updates, etc.)

    My current contract expires Aug 17th so it was time to start negotiating with Sprint. The EVO hit the market and caught my attention immediately. I was considering going with the iPhone since it was the only phone that had the expandability I was seeking (app market). However, over the past year a deluge of Android phones have hit the market with similar or superior features and i've abandoned the iPhone and its proprietary issues and have purchased two EVO's which are due to arrive early this week.

    I currently have 3 devices that I hope the EVO will allow me to consolidate into one. An iPod Touch, the Instinct phone, and a Garmin GPS. I was also looking for something that had much better internet capabilities than the Instinct and faster, more powerful searching (bar code scanner anyone?), and true expandability via the app market.

    The wifi hotspot feature is a huge plus but not something i'm going to activate right away. I want to see if there's a true 'tethering' capability that comes with Android 2.2 when it's released. The problem with the wifi hotspot is once you activate it then wish to get rid of it there may be a penalty since you are downgrading you plan prior to its maturity date. Not 100% sure that would happen but past dealings with Sprint when you wish to eliminate services sets off an alarm.

    My web design work requires constant communication with my clients. The EVO appears to be the most rounded package for accessing vital web site control panels, emails, trouble tickets and more with its blazing speed and browser capabilities.

    As a member of these forums I not only look forward to helpful info but also offering help when I can.
  4. Steven58

    Steven58 Reformed PH

    Feb 19, 2010
    Welcome again? I'm so confused. You first posted two years ago? Did you get lost? ;)

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